Room Parents

If you are looking for a fun and fulfilling position at Sequoya – being a Room Parent is for you!

Room Parents play a key role in the classroom and at our school.  Communication is KEY in this role to be sure that all parents in our school community know what is going on each month – both at our school AND in the classroom.

Sequoya’s Room Parents coordinate with their teacher to ensure that their teacher’s needs are being met with regards to time and schedule.  It is their responsibility to make sure all class events, art projects, yearbook photos, and parties are scheduled and have volunteers.

They gather parent volunteers in their class as early as possible to cover school events AND classroom events – these include a Yearbook Page/Class Photographer, Classroom Basket coordinator, Western Round-Up Booth coordinator, and four Art Masterpiece volunteers.  Additional volunteers would be for classroom parties and also any additional help the teacher may need (making copies in class, stuffing red folders, etc).

Some tools you may need to help you communicate more efficiently include:

Class Communication Timeline

Volunteer Sheet (Curriculum Night)

Teacher Favorites List

Sign Up Genius Information


*Introduction to Teacher

*Introduction To Class Email

*Mystery Treat Email

*Yearbook Volunteer Template

*Classroom Basket Volunteer Template

*Art Masterpiece Volunteers Template (email all of them at once)

*Western Round-Up Coordinator Template

Should you have any questions, we are always here to help!

Shelley Markov, VP Communications ~