Thank you for considering sponsoring Sequoya!  We appreciate the thoughtfulness and help that comes from our community and are always looking for ways to say “thank you” by marketing our supporters where ever possible.

Please review all of the individual ways you can sponsor our elementary school and what your business will receive in return.

EVENT SPONSOR:  Sponsor one of Sequoya’s major campus events so that nothing is coming out-of-pocket at our school.  In return, your business logo AND information (brochures, etc) can be placed at the event and all event notices (signs, flyers, banners, school newsletter, Facebook announcements, and emails) until the end of the event.

*GURIAN INSTITUTE:  September 9-10, 2017.   This event is proving to be a huge marketing opportunity, as anyone is welcome and encouraged to register to attend.  The 2-day event will be on the Sequoya Campus and will be featured in all advertising avenues.

teacher sponsorship opportunities — $258/teacher

*WESTERN ROUND-UP:  November 3, 2017.  Western Round-up, or our Fall Festival, is fun for the whole family.  Sequoya’s fields are transformed into an old western backdrop.  Usually over 300 people attend.

$1000/sponsor OR one $5000 sponsorship

*ULTRA FUN RUN:  February 12-22, 2018.  A favorite of the students, this event is all about having fun while running laps sponsored by family and friends.  Parents are on campus the day of the run to provide support.  Advertising and exposure for this event runs the length of February.


*PARENT’S NIGHT OUT:  March 24, 2018.  Our only off-campus event, this is where the parents get to let loose and enjoy themselves.  A banner is displayed at the entrance of the school for the days leading up to this event and it is featured on all social media, newsletter, and school avenues.  Our Silent Auction is also featured at this event.


SILENT AUCTION:  March 24, 2018.  Sequoya’s silent auction is unique because it’s not only at Parent’s Night Out but also ONLINE – so you receive multiple exposure if you are a sponsor!  Receive all of the perks of sponsoring PNO along with being featured on Sequoya’s auction website.


SEQUOYA MOVIE NIGHT:  April 6, 2018.  Highlighted the whole month of March, Sequoya’s Movie Night invites the whole community to visit the school and watch a movie under the stars.  Food, toys and treats are available for purchase.  Have a special sponsor advertisement/commercial shown before the movie begins.


ART WALK:  April 26, 2018.  The last major event on campus, Art Walk transforms the school into an art gallery where children from each class display a year’s worth of art and some are even auctioned off.  Sequoya’s very own band performs, food is available for purchase, and even extended family members attend.