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volunteerWe have a few KEY positions we still need to fill before the beginning of the year.  See the list below and contact Lisa Kanarish (lkanarish@yahoo.com) with questions and get involved today!

  • Room Parents ~ Help your teacher and classroom parents this upcoming year by being a room parent!  We love our room parents because they are key to making the year run smoothly for teachers, students and parents!
  • Silent Auction Committee ~ Help acquire donations, create baskets for display and be a part of one of our major fundraisers of the year!  This is another great job for parents that cannot be on campus but can approach local businesses and help package baskets outside school hours for the silent auction.
  • Classroom Basket Chair ~ Help organize the classroom basket project for the raffle on November 20th!  This is key part of our Thanksgiving fundraising event and is a KID FAVORITE!!!  This is a great job for a parent who will have time from the end of September until the Thanksgiving luncheon on November 20th.
  • Hospitality ~ Help organize and manage 4 themed teacher luncheons throughout the year, organize our Teacher Appreciation Week and provide refreshments for our APT meetings. Our parent community supports this position by providing all of the goodies and items for the teacher luncheons and teacher appreciation week.
  • Marquee ~ Help collect names and money for our marquee.  Dates fill up fast, so this is an easy job for someone who wants to help but has little time!
  • Art Walk ~ Help coordinate and manage one of our most popular events of the year in the Spring.  This is always a well attended and supported event but we need a parent to help organize the event with the help of our VP of Arts!


Want to volunteer but don’t know where?

Here is a brief description of the Volunteer Opportunities here at Sequoya and the time commitment required.

Volunteer Meter

Our goal at Sequoya is for EVERY FAMILY to commit to 5 HOURS of volunteering throughout the year. The good news is…WE MAKE IT EASY FOR YOU TO FIND THE PERFECT OPPORTUNITY FOR YOU!!! Below is our Volunteer Meter to help guide you to what the perfect job is for you!!!

LIGHT: This is a volunteer opportunity that occurs one time per year with a minimum of 1 hour and a maximum of 3 hours. It could also be the a donation (salad for hospitality, juice boxes for a party, etc.)
MEDIUM: These opportunities require more time either in class, on campus or for planning/at an event. They can be ongoing throughout the year or a one time APT event. These opportunities will require more than 3 hours of your time.
HEAVY: These opportunities can be during a specific time of the year or an all year long commitment. They typically require time on campus as well as planning. Typically Heavy volunteer opportunities can take up 5+ hours a week.

APT Event Opportunities:

(last updated on 8/29/2016)


Fall Donation Campaign: Are you great at reaching out and asking for money? Then this is a job for you! This Annual drive is our largest fundraiser of the year. We need a team of parents to creatively reach out to the Sequoya community to encourage donations.
Date: August – Mid-October | Time Commitment: Light

Talent Show: Are you or your child interested in performing? Then this is a great opportunity for you! Parents will be needed to support the Sequoya Talent Show on campus .
Date: September | Time Commitment: Medium

Art Masterpiece: Do you have a love for arts and want to share it with Sequoya Students in your class? Art Masterpiece is a program where parents help in the classroom to help students learn and prepare a project about different Pre-selected Artists. .
Dates: Three projects per year | Time Commitment: Medium (In Class)

Health Screening: One day a year, Nurse Mary needs help with the Vision and Hearing health screening. If you can spend a couple hours helping the students with their vision and hearing tests, please considering signing up.
Date: Mid-September | Time Commitment: Light

Hospitality/Teacher Appreciation: Who doesn’t like to spoil our wonderful staff and teachers at Sequoya? If you would like to help bring food items, deliver goodies, serve lunch, set up or clean up after a appreciation lunch than sign up today! The chair will need help throughout the year but the time commitment is minimal.
Date: 5-6 times per year | Time Commitment: Light

Western Round Up/Fall Events: We will need a lot of help with organization, planning, event set up & clean up. This night is a blast for the kids but can’t happen without a lot of great parent help!
Date: Mid-October  | Time Commitment: Light to Medium (many opportunities available)

Fall Book Fair: Do you have time in the morning or during the day to spend an hour selling books? Every year, we host a Scholastic Book fair and our chairs need your help to run the registers during school hours.
Date: Mid-November  | Time Commitment: Light to Medium (many opportunities available)

Thanksgiving Classroom Basket Chair: This is Sequoya Favorite. Each classroom is asked to choose a theme and build a basket with parent support. You will be in charge of collecting the basket items for your class and working with the Classroom Basket chair to complete the project.
Date: October-mid-November | Time Commitment: Medium

Thanksgiving Classroom Basket Event: The Classroom Basket chair will need several volunteers to work with the class chairs to set up, organize and run the event in November. Ticket Sales, supervising, set up and clean up are all needed.
Date: Mid-November | Time Commitment: Medium

Thanksgiving Silent Auction: Our Silent Auction chair needs your help in requesting and collecting auction items! If you are good at asking for donations or have connections throughout town for Silent Auction items, we need you!!!! We will also need help to help wrap the silent auction items, set up, clean up, etc. This is a great event and is a HUGE money maker for Sequoya!
Date: August – mid-November | Time Commitment: Light to Medium (many opportunities available)

Thanksgiving School Lunch: Once a year we invite the Sequoya Community to have lunch in the cafeteria with the Students. This lunch is in coordination with the Classroom Baskets and Silent Auction so it is a very busy day for the school, teachers and parents. If you can spend an hour or two helping sell tickets for the lunch and/or serving in the cafeteria, then please sign up to help!
Date: Mid-November | Time Commitment: Light (many time slots available)

Angel Tree: Sequoya is lucky to partner with Bethune Elementary School in Phoenix to provide holiday gifts to students who attend the school. One time per year we set up a Angel Tree and ask Sequoya Families to provide gifts for a student at Bethune.
Date: Mid-November & mid-December | Time Commitment: Light

Winter Community Event: Holiday Glows tour was a hit!  This is a fun night of seeing holiday lights, drinking hot coco and spending time with our Sequoya Community!
Date: Early December  | Time Commitment: Light

Spring Used Book Fair: This event not only helps you clean out your book shelf but makes Sequoya some extra money! We need volunteers to help collect & organize the donated books and to spend an hour or two selling during the school day.
Date – January  | Time Commitment: Light to Medium (many opportunities available)

Spring APEX Fun Run: APEX fun run was a huge success! We need volunteers throughout the week to support the APEX team in the classroom and on campus. We also need many volunteers to spend 2 hours on the day of the event to help pass out water, mark t-shirts and encourage on our student runners!
Date: February/March | Time Commitment: Light to Medium (many opportunities available)

Field Day: If PE is your thing than Ms. Lee needs you!!!! Please consider spending a couple hours with your student and help make Field Day a great day!
Date: March | Time Commitment: Light

Sequoya Community Movie Night:  This night is a blast for students and parents! We look forward to another awesome night on the back lawn of the school! Volunteers will include check in, selling concessions, handing out dinner, set up and clean up.
Date: End of March | Time Commitment: Light to Medium (many opportunities available)

Young Author’s Day: A one of a kind event for Sequoya. Please consider spending two hours on a Spring day to be a Young Authors Day host. You will bring a blanket and spend time listening to a student from K-5 read a story they have written throughout the school year. This is a truly unique experience and is not possible without A LOT of volunteers. You will love the time you spend at Sequoya on Young Author’s Day.
Date:  Mid to End of April  | Time Commitment: Light

Art Walk: This is a fun night where our student’s art is displayed, the choir and band performs and the Sequoya Community comes together for a fun night. The Art Walk chair will need help with setup, concessions and clean up.
Date: End of April/Early May | Time Commitment: Light to Medium (many opportunities available)

Yearbook Photographer: Do you love taking pictures of your children? Then we need you!!!! Please consider helping take pictures of your child’s class throughout the year and create a class page at the end of the year for the Yearbook.
Time Commitment: Medium (many opportunities throughout year) lockers

Classroom Party Chair & Co-Chair: Do you love to plan a party? Then your teacher needs you!!!! You will be responsible for working with the teacher, planning the parties, reaching out to parents for food/game donations, set up and clean up.
Date: Varies per classroom (3-4 per year) | Time Commitment: Medium

Library Volunteer: Shelve books and help students find books during the day. You can schedule your time with the librarian.
Date: You determine with Librarian | Time Commitment: Light

Art Room Volunteer: Help art teacher during your student’s art class. Needs still TBD.
Date: Art Teacher will provide times | Time Commitment: Light

Music Room Volunteer: Help music teacher during your student’s music class. Needs still TBD.
Date: Art Teacher will provide times | Time Commitment: Light

PE Volunteer: Help Mrs. Lee during your student’s PE class. Needs still TBD.
Date: Mrs. Lee will provide times | Time Commitment: Light


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