Sequoya School WALK-IN, 8:15AM every Wednesday in April, #RedForEd

Dear Sequoya Parents,

EVERY Wednesday of the month of April, your very own Sequoya Staff is going to be holding a WALK IN morning at 8:15. Motivated by #RedForEd, and in a joint effort with Sequoya’s APT, we invite you to attend to show your support.

If you are available, please plan on: 

*wearing RED (have students wear red too)

*meet in the SOUTH parking lot at Blessed Sacrament between 8 and 8:10am.

*If you make signs, a couple of staff suggestions are “I support #RedForEd, Fully Fund our Classrooms, Respect the Classroom”

*If you park at Blessed Sacrament, DO NOT PARK IN NORTH LOT.  There is an 8am mass…we cannot park in their driveway either, please park in the South lot.


The thought behind the Walk-In vs. a Walkout….Our Community is coming together to show support for Sequoya’s school staff and funding education while not disrupting education.