Drop Off and Pick Up Policy – Starting Oct. 16th

Dear Parents,

In order to increase the safety of students and staff on our campus, we will be making some changes to morning drop off and afternoon pick up. All gates will remain closed until school staff is on-duty at 8:25. The side gate near the cafeteria will be unlocked from 8:25 to 8:40. This is a student ONLY entrance. All adults must enter through the office in order to make sure that everyone on campus is accounted for. The first bell rings at 8:40, which is the time that students should be on campus and is a warning to get to class. The 8:45 bell is the beginning of the school day and students should be in their classrooms seated and ready to learn. If you are accompanying your child, you will have to sign in, in order for us to know who is on campus and will have to consequently, sign out.

At the end of the day, we will unlock the main gate and the gate near the cafeteria at 3:10. Parents must go through the office with the exception of kinder parents. Kinder will continue pick up in their hallway. Parents are welcome to sign in and wait for their students in the parent waiting area near the APT room (114)

If you are picking up in the pick-up line, you must have a color coded card with your child’s name on it. Please refrain from using your cell phone to limit distractions and there is NO crossing anywhere in the pick-up line.

The revised gate-to-gate process starts on October 16th.

Again, students should not be on campus before 8:25, unless they are here for breakfast which begins at 8:15. These students will have to enter through the office.

If you are enrolled in Children’s Choice early care, you will be receiving a separate letter from Mrs. Hutchinson explaining the early care policy.

For the safety of our students and staff, all visitors, parents and guardians must sign in at the front office anytime you will be on campus. All visitors, including parents and guardians, will be required to show photo identification, if asked, while visiting campus or checking out a student. Additionally, anyone picking up a child must be on the child’s emergency contact list.

I apologize beforehand for any inconveniences this may cause but I thank you beforehand as well. I know you will understand that this change in procedure is the process to ensure the safest campus possible while maintaining the Sequoya culture.

Thank you for your support,

Veronica Leiper


Sequoya Elementary School