Drop off / Pick up Guidelines

Please review the map below to make sure you are aware of the flow of the parking lot.  For the safety of our students, these are a few important rules to follow:

* There is NO Drop-Off or Pick-Up on the North Curb. Always pull all the way forward on the West Curb.
* There is NO CROSSING anywhere in the areas where cars are waiting in the Drop-Off and Pick-Up lanes. Please use the Crosswalk that is labeled on the map below.
* The Drop-Off and Pick-Up area is a NO cell phone zone. It is important for the safety of our students that you have your full attention when in this area.
* Please pull as far forward as possible before stopping.

* NOTE: Kindergarten families should park and walk their children in/pick their children up. We recommend arriving 15 minutes before the bell rings to avoid being caught in the traffic line.